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    when i find myself in times of trouble

    terry pratchett comes to me

    whispering sam vimes once arrested a motherfucking dragon

    you are capable of literally anything

    Sam Vimes once arrested two opposing armies to end a war.



    Sam Vimes fought an ancient mind-controlling spirit and won. Sam Vimes killed a werewolf with his bare hands. Sam Vimes happily wears the awful lumpy itchy socks his wife knits him. Sam Vimes causes traffic jams in order to be home in time to read his baby a bedtime story. Sam Vimes fought at the barricades— twice. Sam Vimes waited until his interviewee had left and then put his coat over his head so no one could hear him laughing hysterically at her silly name. Sam Vimes is my hero.

    Sam Vimes overcame a crippling alcohol dependency. Sam Vimes examines and confronts his internal prejudices. Sam Vimes lived in poverty because he was giving his salary to the widows and orphans of fellow officers. Sam Vimes cleaned up a corrupt police force and made it inclusive of the different ethnicities in his city.

    Sam Vimes is my hero too.

    He turned to leave, then seemed to have a thought. “Sergeant Dorfl!” he said, turning back. “D’you think you’ll believe in gods now?”

    Every eye in the Watch House turned to the golem sergeant. “Not Gods, Yet.” said Sergeant Dorfl. “But Always Sam Vimes.”

    - Mister Vimes’d Go Spare

    do it for the vimes

    Sam Vimes once violated his country’s foreign policy to help a group of frightened women, who then launched a cultural revolution.

    I wish Sam Vimes were real so I could hug that man.

    I have so fucking many Sam Vimes feels it is fucking ridiculous.

    One time Sam Vimes went on a vacation. While away, the entire Watch except for Corporal Colon went on strike, leaving no law enforcement of any kind for a period of time. The entire criminal population of Ank Morpork decided to take a break from crime, because they knew that if anything disastrous happened while he was away, Sam Vimes would be very, very irritated with whoever was responsible. And none of them dared to be responsible.

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    g r i m m [ listen ]

    a tribute to the darker fairytales, where the ending is not always so happy

    1. once upon a dream - lana del ray / 2. snow-white - xandria / 3. ice queen (acoustic) - within temptation / 4. howl (cover ) - maddy ann day / 5. l’il red riding hood (cover) - amanda seyfried / 6. watershed - vienna teng / 7. jabberwocky - omnia / 8. castle down - emilie autumn

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    Season 2 of Gravity Falls just started and with it a ton of teenage mystery twins headcanons… Bonus pic with Pacifica’s incredulous face when confronted to 17 yo Dipper ! 

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    #DailySketch More liked. 

    Original art available here http://skottieyoungstore.bigcartel.com

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    i just wanna shake the hand of whoever cam up with the ALS ice bucket challenge. not only is it raising awareness of an important cause, i’ve also seen more damp celebrities in clinging t-shirts in the past week than i ever dreamed possible. 

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  • Anonymous asked : Genderbent superbat ?


    I had attempted this here almost a year ago but what the heck, you can never have enough genderbent superbat amirite?


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    this post made me happy

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